Privacy Policy

1. Declaration of Protection of Personal Information
In order to provide our members with safe, secure and reliable services, Yamadamatsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) hereby sets out its policy on the handling of personal information of all members (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) and ensure appropriate protection of personal information.

2. Privacy Policy
(1) The Company shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and other applicable laws and regulations.
(2) The Company shall manage all personal information it handles in an appropriate way.
(3) All persons engaged in the business at the Company shall protect all personal information including those of members to respond to their trust.
(4) The Company shall take and ensure to improve safety measures necessary and appropriate for preventing unauthorized access to information and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of information.

3. Handling of Personal Information
(1) Purpose of Use
The Company uses personal information of members, including their names, addresses and telephone numbers, for the following purposes.
Providing services of the Company, identification of members, billing, responding to inquiries, notification of changes to or suspension or discontinuation of services, and notification of other services provided by the Company and events and campaigns.
(2) Disclosure of Personal Information
In the event a member has requested for disclosure of personal information about him/herself or correction of its contents, the Company shall respond promptly after confirming the identification of the person.
(3) Use and Provision of Personal Information
The Company obtains personal information of customers within the scope necessary for providing services, and use and provide such information within the purpose of collection.
When collecting or forwarding confidential data such as credit card details, we will use SSL encryption. SSL encryption prevents outside parties from reading the information. Also, credit card numbers are used only for processing payments and not for other purposes.

(4) Provision to Third Party
The Company shall use personal information within the purpose of collection, ensure appropriate management of the information and shall not disclose or provide such personal information to a third party without prior notification to and consent of the subject of the personal information regarding the name of the third party and the purpose of use. However, this shall not apply in the case where a request for disclosure is made by a public agency such as the government or the police, or where the Company deems necessary for protection of life, body or property.

(5) Use of Cookie
A Cookie is a small data file sent from the server computer to your browser when you view a website and stored in the hard disk of your computer. We may use Cookie on our website to provide our customers with better services and to improve navigation. Although it is used to recognize you upon your returning visit to the website, it is not possible to collect sufficient information to identify you personally from the information included in Cookie. While many websites use Cookies, you may choose to set your browser to ask you whether you refuse all Cookies before receiving a new Cookie.

4. Inquiries about Personal Information
Regarding the handling of personal information held by the Company, please contact below.

Yamadamatsu Co., Ltd.
164 Kageyukoji-cho, Shimodachiuri-agaru, Muromachi-dori Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8014 Japan
TEL:+81 75 441 4694