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Gozan Okuribi incense plate "Torii-gata"
Hand-painted ceramic incense plate of bonfires of Gozan Okuribi.

Gozan Okuribi, also known as Daimonji Bonfire, is a great event in Kyoto. It is held annually on August 16, the end of Obon festival, to light up the way for seeing off the departed spirits of ancestors that have temporarily returned to this world.
In Daimonji Gozan Okuribi, huge bonfires are lit on five mountains surrounding the Kyoto Basin.

Bonfires from east to west:
“Daimonji”, character of “dai” meaning “large”
“Myo-ho”, characters of “myo” and “ho” meaning “wondrous teaching of Buddha”
“Funa-gata”, motif of a boat
“Hidari-Daimonji”, character of “dai”
“Torii-gata”, motif of a shrine gate

Size: approx. 7 cm in length and 6.5 cm in width
incense plate and holder / with paper box

Item Number01360
Item NameGozan Okuribi incense plate "Torii-gata"
Price1,200 YEN