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Traial Pack 'Karaku’(60013)
300 YEN
Here is a trial set of a series of incense stic...
Traial Pack 'High-grade Incense sticks'(60012)
500 YEN
This trial pack contains one each of 10 differe...
Traial Pack 'HoJo'(60011)
1,000 YEN
(A)Traial pack 'Hojo'   * This is made from th...
Hyofu (Large)(61038)
9,500 YEN
Made from Vietnamese aloeswood, Hyofu gives off...
Suifu (Large)(61078)
2,500 YEN
Suifu gives off a sweet and gentle scent of alo...
Suifu extra (Large)(61088)
3,000 YEN
Suifu extra gives off not only the sweetness of...
Shikun (Large)(61068)
3,750 YEN
Shikun has a spicy and brisk aloeswood-based sc...
Saiwun (Large)(61058)
5,000 YEN
Saiwun has a composed scent based with aloeswoo...
Obai (Large)(61108)
1,250 YEN
Made from various kinds of natural materials, O...
3,000 YEN
Made from sandalwood from Mysore, India, which ...
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