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High-grade Incense Trial Pack (60006)
500 YEN
Find your favorite with this trial pack of our ...
Karaku / Yu-en / Kamon Incense Trial Pack (60007E)
300 YEN
Find your favorite with this trial pack of Kara...
Kouboku-senshu Incense Stick Trial Pack (60008E)
400 YEN
Find your favorite with this trial pack of Shoy...
Incense Stick Trial Pack (HOJO)(60005)
900 YEN
This is a trial set for the "Hojo" series, ince...
fragrant decoration(Aoi Matsuri)(81911)
2,800 YEN
Aoi Matsuri, one of the three major festivals o...
Hyofu (Large)(61038)
9,500 YEN
Made from Vietnamese aloeswood, Hyofu gives off...
Suifu (Large)(61078)
2,500 YEN
Suifu gives off a sweet and gentle scent of alo...
Suifu extra (Large)(61088)
3,000 YEN
Suifu extra gives off not only the sweetness of...
Shikun (Large)(61068)
3,750 YEN
Shikun has a spicy and brisk aloeswood-based sc...
Saiwun (Large)(61058)
5,000 YEN
Saiwun has a composed scent based with aloeswoo...
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