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Kusudama literally means “medicine ball”, which was originally a small cloth bag filled with incense and herbs, and decorated with flowers. It was believed to protect against evil spirits and disease from the Heian period, and has been used as a decoration for good luck.
Yamadamatsu’s Kusudama is made of ball-shaped scent bags in bamboo basket, and attached with threads of five different colors used to ward off evil in ancient Japan.
Display or hang it in the entryway or living room of your house, or anywhere you would like it to deliver a graceful and refined sandalwood-based scent blended with borneol, cloves and other natural incense materials.

Overall length: approx. 70 cm
with paper box

Please select colors of the scent bags.

Item Number81926
Item NameKusudama
Price2,800 YEN

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