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Tale of Genji series “Karaginu”

In Heian period, color combinations for multi-layering of garments were called “Kasane-no-irome” and varied according to the seasons or occasional events.
The series is inspired by the Kasane-no-irome, and named after four chapters of Tale of Genji: Momiji no Ga, Hana no En, Asagao and Umegae.

The scented sachet “Karaginu” gives the impression of ladies of the Imperial Court wearing the twelve-layered kimonos.
Display or hang it in rooms, closets, or anywhere you would like it to deliver a graceful and refined scent.

Length: approx. 26 cm
with paper box

Please select a color:
(from the top)
Vermilion (Momiji no Ga)
Pink (Hana no En)
Blue (Asagao)
White (Umegae)

Item Number81367
Item NameTale of Genji series “Karaginu”
Price1,800 YEN

Color Variation