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Shu-ju Sasora (1 bundle)
Shu-ju series are made from the finest quality of incense woods, and represent the scents of real incense wood in incenses.
In kodo, one of the classical Japanese arts of refinement, incense wood is classified into 6 types as Kyara, Rakoku, Manaban, Manaka, Sumondara and Sasora, which are called “Rikkoku”.
Shu-ju performs these scents of “Rikkoku” in incenses. Let’s enjoy its delicate and deep scents.

The scent of Sasora from Rikkoku.
Length: approx. 14 cm
Burning time: approx. 25 mins
1 bundle with wood box

Item Number61911
Item NameShu-ju Sasora (1 bundle)
Price12,000 YEN