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Tale of Genji series “Noshi”

In Heian period, color combinations for multi-layering of garments were called “Kasane-no-irome” and varied according to the seasons or occasional events.
The series is inspired by the Kasane-no-irome, and named after four chapters of Tale of Genji: Momiji no Ga, Hana no En, Asagao and Umegae.

The scented bag “Noshi” is designed to represent the daily robes of Heian aristocrats.
Display it in the entryway of your house, on the shelf, on the center table of living room or anywhere you would like it to deliver a graceful and refined scent.

Height: approx. 6 cm
with lacquered plate and paper box

Please select a color:
(from the top)
Vermilion (Momiji no Ga)
Pink (Hana no En)
Blue (Asagao)
White (Umegae)

Item Number81359
Item NameTale of Genji series “Noshi”
Price2,600 YEN

Color Variation